Your home of handmade show-stopping classy shoes and accessories store for women.

The first thing that people notice about your appearance when you walk past them or into a room might be your outfit but what lasts longer on their minds after you are gone, are your shoes. A bad shoe will ruin your entire look and confidence like a bad breath. Dshoecollector is a brand that makes bespoke and highly fashionable footwear for women. With years of experience in creating shoes for women of class and great taste.

What makes us different is that we are not a regular women shoe store with a range of random shoes displayed on racks for sale. We stock up original shoe designs made from the finest of leathers or other materials specially produced to suit our customers unique taste. We boast of a collection of handcrafted female footwears that are made with our customers’ specifications in mind. Certified healthy and non-strenuous on the feet by expert anatomists, our heels defy the agelong notion that “heels are uncomfortable”.  Ever left behind a beautiful shoe while shopping because it wasn’t the right fit, color, material or heel length? That’s a pain most women can relate to. Dshoecollector, more than any other Nigerian shoe brand understands this and has been established to revolutionize the business of shoe making in Nigeria by changing this heartbreaking narrative. It’s against this backdrop that the brand was established to help every woman dish out shoe goals effortlessly no matter the size of their feet or the length of heel they can walk elegantly in.

Our Vision?

We aim to create uniquely comfortable footwears that will ooze of class and finesse for stylish women across the world.

Our Mission

To ensure that every woman who wears our bespoke brand of shoes walks with panache and utmost self-confidence while making impacts in their individual endeavors.

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